5G Network at the Horizon

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The time of super-fast wireless internet is almost here. Big Telecommunications Companies like Verizon and Sony Ericsson have openly expressed their plans for upgrading the current internet speed, 4G, to a much speedy 5G. This revelation have sparked excitement all over the world, and this article will tell you why.

Since the introduction of the first 1G network back in 1982, newer and faster versions have been introduced every 10 years. More than a decade have already passed since the 2002 release of 4G, and yet, there have been no definitive news of any upgrade.  Speculations have been made about the expected improvements in wireless internet; is it ever going to come? Now, 5G network is coming and it’s just around the corner.

What to Expect

5G network at the horizon5G offers a faster internet speed that will cater to the growing popularity of watching videos through mobile phones. It will also be able to contest with fixed internet connection speeds that will be suitable for a variety of things, such as gaming and medical use. With the advent of technology, 5G can also be used to connect long distances. Practical use includes an operation by a surgeon halfway around the world or the ability for network-connected vehicles to communicate with its environment for a much efficient and safer use. However, since the network is still in its early stages, its full capabilities are yet to be known.

Recent News

Although AT&T and Verizon have promised new models with 5G integration to be released next year, these are still in their pre-standard form. This means that the network is still experimental and not in its “final form.” The International Telecommunications Union is in the process of making a standardized specifications for 5G and is expected to be finalized by 2020. The new network could be radically different from the previous ones, judging by how much time have been put into this. Other networks have also expressed their plans on releasing their version of 5G but it might take them a while. Nevertheless, one thing is certain, we will see it in the near future.


The new 5G network could definitely change how we see mobile technology today. This could potentially increase the reach of mobile networks and extend the application of mobile devices in the physical world. Faster internet and wider network coverage gives a ton of possibilities. Not only will it increase telecommunication sales and improve their services, it will benefit the general consumer and hopefully enhance their daily living.

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Google’s Under Sea Cable to Japan Goes Online

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Google started investing in undersea cables way back in 2008. By far, its biggest investment however is the company’s fourth undersea cable, worth 300 million dollars, which connects Japan to the American mainland.

In 2014, the company announced its partnership with six companies, including China Mobile International, KDDI, Singtel and China Telecom Global, to better link the two countries. Now, Google has just announced that that cable is going live.

Google’s Undersea Cable to Japan Goes OnlineThe cable is a six-fiber pair and is believed to be the fastest and highest capacity cable that currently travels under the Pacific Ocean. It stretches about 5,600 miles and reaches out from Oregon to two points in Japan. Google claims that it can deliver a bandwidth of up to 90 Terabits per second, more than half of the total bandwidth available between the US coast and Asia last year.

10 terabits of the total capacity is reserved to maintain the connection between the two countries, which will enable a faster data transfer rate around the globe. Additionally, the same cable is extended from Japan to Taiwan, giving that country an initial 20 terabits of capacity.

The timing could not have been more perfect as Google announced, in March 2016, the launching of its Cloud Platform that caters to the East Asian public sometime this year. The new cable will help make sure that information and transfers are maintained at optimum bandwidth speed. It will also help certain areas in Japan that are most commonly struck by earthquakes to have a more resilient internet. “The cable utilizes Japanese landing facilities strategically located outside of tsunami zones to help prevent network outages when the region is facing the greatest need,” says Alan Chin-Lun Cheung of Google Submarine Networking Infrastructure.

Traditionally, cables are used to carry public internet traffic. Now, the recent trend is that large companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are utilizing these cables to transport their own data between centers. The cables enables them to bypass the Internet, thus faster speed. The news of Google’s undersea cable to Japan came out after two of the company’s top competitors, Facebook and Microsoft, announced their joint plan on building a 160 terabit undersea cable that travels across the Altantic Ocean, connecting Virginia and Spain.

Google plans on building more undersea cables in the future. This new revelations is an example of the new trend in which international undersea cables capacities are used mostly by private networks. It shows how much bandwidth these tech giants are devouring now.

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Upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 Updates Revealed

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Upcoming Microsoft Windows 10 Updates RevealedAlmost a year has passed since the release of Windows 10, which means two things: First is an anniversary update including Cortana enhancements and an improvements for the Edge browser. The second is that the offer for free Windows 10 upgrade will end and the operating system will soon cost about USD$119.

It has been a strong and successful year for Microsoft with more than 350 million devices currently powered by their latest operating system. Although there have been complaints by some customers about how they are forced to upgrade to Windows 10, the OS has generally been welcomed by the general public.

What’s to come on Windows 10?

The Anniversary update, scheduled for August 2, is said to include a many new features for the operating system. The following are just some of the great improvements and additions that are expected to come next month:

  • Cortana is becoming an integral part of the system. On devices powered by Windows 10, Cortana will sit on top of the lock screen. It means that you don’t have to unlock your device in order to interact with the voice-activated virtual assistant, saving you precious time.
  • The debut of Windows Ink, a pen or stylus that can be used to scribble on your screen. As with Cortana, signing on to your device is unnecessary to be able to use the pen. Just tap the pen on the screen and start scribbling.
  • An expanded use for Windows Hello. In the current version, Windows Hello enables you to unlock your device with just your face or fingerprint. In the new update, Microsoft aims to expand that concept to websites, which can function in Windows Edge. Not only will that save time, but it will also provide additional security.

With the revelations of the anniversary update, the company is hoping that a large numbers of custumers will convert to Windows 10 before the free upgrade period ends. Microsoft aims to have more than a billion devices running on Windows 10 in the next two years.

The future of Microsoft Windows 10

But despite Microsoft’s developers and researchers efforts, consumers are still wary of the OS. The public is also more engaged on mobile and tablets rather than on PCs. This poses a great problem for the company’s one billion goal. However, Microsoft is set on developing their technology on a platform tuned in to enterprising rather than the general public.

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella stated in an interview that “Microsoft is successfully transforming Windows into a service and creating the platform for a future that’s likely to be more about enterprise services, cloud and artificial intelligence than consumer computing.”

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Programming Made Easy with Google’s Project Bloks

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Programming can be a lonely and exasperating activity. Creating a simple application can take hours upon hours of working in front of the computer, coding in a language mysterious to most, running it and then endlessly fixing the bugs.

It has however, become a highly important part of the present era. It has become the new construction upon which creators can build ideas using digital codes instead of physical things. Google researchers are now trying to make programming understandable, if not easy, with their Project Bloks.

What is Project Bloks?

Programming made easy with Google’s Project BloksProject Bloks is an on-going research project with the aim of creating a hardware platform that can help developers, researchers and designers to build physical programming for kids. The ultimate goal is to provide kids with a method in which they can develop their problem-solving skills, but in a fun way.

The Bloks System

The system consists of “pucks”,  “Base Boards” and “Brain Boards”. Pucks can be of any form that you can move and connect together. They can have a variety of commands such as Turn On or Off, Move Right, or Play Music. These pucks can be connected to a Base Board in which it (the board) will read the instructions through a sensor. And, these Base Boards can be connected together on a Brain Board which reads all of the instructions and then send them to connected devices via Bluetooth or WI-FI.

Creativity is the Limit

The pucks can be arranged on the boards in various ways giving you a variety of experiences. In the different kits, you can play around sensors and a map with different input and output in the Sensor Lab, such as turning on a light when temperatures go up. You can also compose music with Music Maker by utilizing different instruments which can be played through a speaker. Another thing you can do is to control toys or robots by putting together different codes.

This project is still at the workbench phase and is still undergoing tweaks and changes, however Google researchers are asking designers and developers to share ideas on providing new ways to teach kids and teens about computational thinking.

It is not yet clear on how this platform will be useful in the future as it is still in the early stages, however response to the project is very positive so far. Once functional, Project Bloks can enhance or reshape how kids play with toys in the future.

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New Apple Patent: Technology that Blocks Phone Camera

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One of the most commonly used features of modern smartphones is the camera, which are perfect for taking capturing special moments. They can be used to record one’s memories and life events, anywhere and anytime.

However, there are some people who do get annoyed when others use their phone camera in a public setting or event. For example, you are in a concert and wanted to see the performer, but, your view is covered by flashing phone and tablet screens. Apple gives you a solution to this dilemma.

Back in 2009, the company has applied for a patent that outlines a new camera technology that utilizes infrared lights. On 2011, the US Patent and Trademark Office published said application, and speculations grew on how the patent can be used to block people from filming concerts. Five years later, on June 28, 2016, the patent has been approved for Apple.

New Apple Patent: Technology that Blocks Phone CameraOn the outline, the new technology enables cameras to detect infrared data. This can be applied to a variety of cases, and blocking cameras during a concert is one of the most popular applications. The tech can be used to emit an infrared light in a concert or room. The phone camera then detects this signal and will either alter the video quality or shut down the application entirely.

Additional information on the patent stated that camera activity can only be blocked when pointing at a certain area. So, you can still take photos of you and your friends while in the concert. But, whenever you point your phone on the stage, the blocking feature kicks in.

Apple said that the technology can also be used for educational purposes and not just simply blocking someone’s recording. For example, your phone’s camera can be pointed at objects and the infrared signal can be used to provide more information on that object, which will then flash on your screen. This could work well in museums and art exhibits and is a great way of combining technology and art.

The new Apple patent may be a great solution to various filming issues, such as illegal recording of movies on cinemas, or unwanted videos on sharing sites. It can also add a futuristic feel to historic artifacts and paintings, making learning and museum trips much more interesting, not only to the adults but to the young ones as well. Apple has yet to comment on the approval, but the general public is surely awaiting its development.

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Microsoft Releases .NET Core 1.0

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Microsoft released .Net Core 1.0 this week at a Linux event. According to Microsoft, cross-platform, open source, and modular .NET platform for creating modern web apps, micro services, libraries and console applications. The platform was previously announced back in 2014. It has been tested and improved over the years and has finally arrived today.

.NET Core 1.0, an open source, cross-platform

Microsoft Releases .NET Core 1.0The new version of .NET not just on Window’s operating system but it is also available for Apple’s OS X and Linux, which has been gaining popularity in the tech business world. Many consumers have been using Linux and other open source software on their online pages or businesses, so to meet demand, Microsoft has developed .Net into an open source platform.

This means that developers can use the platform to create applications for free and can also modify the platform for their own specific needs. These changes have made it possible for important Microsoft IT tools to run on all operating system, especially Linux.

Supported by Red Hat

At the event, it was also announced that .Net Core 1.0 will be available only through, and supported by, Red Hat Red Hat, who are the world’s top provider of open source tools, but who are most well known for Linux. This is great for enterprise consumers as it enables them to have the capacity to take after a micro-services-based approach, where a few parts are created with .NET and others with Java, and can still run on a common, supported platform.

Furthermore, developers can easily make .NET workloads on Windows, while consumers can run them on either Red Hat or Windows Server. Supported by Red Hat, users can run .NET applications without fully relying on Windows Server.

The future of .NET and Microsoft

“This is the biggest transformation of .NET since its inception and will define .NET for the next decade,” says Rich Lander of Microsoft blogs. The company aims to provide for the necessities of the modern world such as largely distributed cloud apps, open source frameworks, and micro-services. The company promises that the newly released products will continue to develop for Windows’ cross-platform cloud and Xamarin’s cross-platform mobile.

Microsoft predicted that any losses to Windows Server Licences will be made up for by the increased use of the cloud services. The company is excited by the products, as it will enable them to contend with the trend of IT tools sources today.

This is also exciting news for all developers who prefer Windows tools but are inhibited by how they can only run on Windows machines. You can visit the Microsoft Website for information on how to install .NET Core.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Make A Tech Blog Right Away

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5 Reasons Why You Should Make A Tech Blog Right Away

When people ask me why I decided to start my own tech blog, I tell them it was because it is my passion. The truth is that there are numerous reasons why I decided to make my own tech blog, and today I will share with you five of the most important reasons why I started this in the first place.
In addition to that, these reasons might also encourage you to start your own tech blog right away. So, let’s start!

1. You Can Spread Your Knowledge About Technology

Truth be told, I already knew a lot about technology when I started my tech blog, and it was one of the reasons why I started it in the first place. That being said, if you know a lot about technology it’s a good idea to share it somewhere and what better place to do that then to have your own tech blog! As for me, I did not know how much I yet have to learn when I started it is blog, and believe me I have learned a lot since then. Therefore, if you want to spread your knowledge as well as share your knowledge – start your own tech blog!

2. You Will Earn Some Money

images (13)Blogs are a great way to earn some money, just don’t be eager, the patient, the success will come in time. In fact, there are numerous people were able to live off their blogs, and it is certainly something to aspire to. Therefore, if you want to be able to earn money writing about something you really love, writing about technology on your blog might be the answer to all your prayers!

3. Keeping Up With The Tech World

If you want to be able to keep up with the tech world, you can start a tech blog. In other words, the technology changes at such rapid speed did that it can be certainly difficult to keep up. If you want to be able to keep up, it’s for the best that you are regularly in the know. What better way to learn constantly about technology than having to write about it and read about it on a regular basis. That is, if you are devoted to writing your blog you will certainly progress over time as well.


4. Making Friends And Connections

In addition to that if you want to make friends in the tech world and make some connections, start writing a tech blog. There is a great way you to meet similar minded people and interact with them by using the topics that you are interested in.

5. Having A Useful Hobby

If you want to have a useful hobby that you can devote your time to, it’s always a good idea to start writing a blog. Blogs can be a great way for you to have something to do, but also it can be a great way for you to perfect your knowledge about a certain topic (such as technology), make new friends, make money, or just spend time in a fun and useful way.

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